…in regards to blog posts. I see so many people feeling “guilty” or “bad” that they didn’t post every single day, or missed a day, or missed a weekend, or whatever, but they shouldn’t care. And not because other people don’t care, but because daily blogging shouldn’t really be anyone’s priority. I mean, if the “goal” is to write more frequently, #1, stop setting goals, and #2, write more often because you are drawn to do so – not to meet some arbitrary quota.nnAnyway, just saying that no one is looking over anyone’s shoulder, so don’t lose too much sleep over it.nn**other stuff**nnIt’s Valentine’s Day, 2022, and I am up at 2:50 AM, having coffee and VA/Per pipe tobacco, and enjoying this fine little morning, feeling pretty good. I also dimmed the new floor lamp in the bedroom (which now sits next to my desk, as it *is* much more of a “task lamp” than a traditional floor lamp – not much for lighting up a room, more for lighting a small segment of a room). Having the lamp sit just above the desk at max brightness caused a bright glare off the lacquer on this surface, and it was fairly annoying, so I dimmed it to 70% brightness, and now everything is hunky dory :)nnAnyhow, gonna continue on with the morning, have more coffee, and see what I get up to. Back later.

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