I feel particularly free tonight. Free from a dog. Free from (most) responsibility. Free from obligations, schedules, plans, in general. And free from an ever-present draw to need to "get back to doing web dev". I can/will do it whenever I please, and that is the best feeling in the world. Never underestimate the power of hitting "RESET" (or "DELETE")!

Good times, indeed.

So here I sit, upright in bed, my back still bugging me a bit, but feeling pretty good overall. And as I sit and think of "what now, what comes next?" (as HST would say), I sort of look at the "gimmick/joke/prank" idea I had earlier, and how funny it would be (even if it is a cynical type of "parody"). I may go with it. I may not. It depends on how I feel when I have $$$ to spend on getting it going (in February). Should be fun ;)

The budget has gone over many iterations over the past week, and none are permanent at this stage. I've given up trying to narrow it down, and whatever comes of whatever is...whatever. It will all work out.

So, what of now? And what does come next?

Hell if I know. I have the prank thing I want to do (because it was/is a good idea, and is fairly easy to accomplish), and I have the intention of perhaps putting a self-hosted photo app/service on a VPS at some point (doubt it would be Pixelfed, but it definitely won't be Snap.as, because there is no self-hosting option for that service - though I sincerely wish there was one).


back soon