As I stated in the last blog post (published at 10:03 PM), I zonked right the fxxx out after hitting "Publish". It's 2:50 AM now, and I've been up for about 20 minutes. I have hot coffee going, and watched a small video (two, actually) from the Hueguh YouTube channel about vintage watches. I haven't been a watch person in many years, though I've considered getting back into it recently. In 1999 I bought my first watch with the first paycheck I ever earned from Ingargiola's Restaurante (as a busboy), and it was some gawdy (gaudy?) fake gold Fossil thing - ugly as sin. It got ruined in the sand at Daytona Beach the first time I went there (in the early-2000's). Then, upon graduation of Job Corps (and just before going into the military) I was given two watches and two wallets from my sister, "C", and she said I could choose one wallet and one watch, and the other ones she would return to the store. The watch was a Timex...something - a very basic watch, but it held up well during the entirety of BCT, and got rained on, submerged in water for brief moments, and did pretty good. Of course when I was in BCT I removed the leather strap and put the watchface on a nylon band of some sort. I never did put the leather straps back on it after I left the training enviro, and continued to wear the watch with the nylon band up through 2009 or so (well, most of the time I wore it - sometimes it collected dust), and then I removed the watchface, gave the nylon band to a friend (who always admired it), and the watchface sits...somewhere now. I am not 100% sure what happened to it. I am not sentimental about such things, so I am not too concerned with it.

So, I am thinking of getting a Timex Weekender, which is fairly similar to the Timex I had before, but ever so slightly different. And if I bought a watch, it would absolutely be an analog number, never a smartwatch. I like some digital watches, but analog is just...classy. It could come in handy when I need to glance at the time real quick, but it is also an accessory which I simply do not "need" - so I am on the fence about it. But one last thing I will say about a watch, is that if I got one, it would need a "slip-on" strap - not something that requires fiddling with a small latch/lever, and something that could mindlessly put on when I was half asleep. Efficiency, folks ;)

Anyway, the coffee was nice (just the right amount for this blog post), and I will be back soon.