Found an online outlet called "PlusCBD" that has some good ratings, are heavily tested/reviewed, have everything from low mg lotions, to high mg gummies (and me being me, I put a 30 count of high mg gummies in the cart, LOL! #NoFear!) So, I am going to be ordering them on Feb.1, and they are probably the thing I am most excited about ordering in the month of February. Well, that and the membership, because obviously! :)

I don't think I will "stock up" on the gummies - not yet, anyway. I'll see how they are, and if they are worth ordering more of the same flavor, same mg (these are 10mg, each), and same company, etc. I have confidence, though.

end goals for a holistic CBD treatment

Well, same as the "end goals" for eating a high-fruit diet, and being a generally healthy general, anyway - to prolong life, have a happy/healthy mind, and feel good as much as possible. I suppose those are the "end goals". No specific or nuanced series of ailments or symptoms need be treated on an individual level. When one thing heals, everything heals. Just be in a state of healing and health, and let the rest of the rest play out however it may. Go with the flow.

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