Got a nice e-mail pointing me to the direction of a good domain registrar after writing this blog post (it's appreciated), and I am fairly certain I will go with DNSimple when all is said and done. They simply charge up-front for their services, instead of upselling you (me) on garbage website builders and whatnot like GoDaddy does. $60 per year, not bad. Around the same what I pay for annually, as well as Proton Mail, annually. So, that works. I will dig into all this soon.

For now, for tonight, it is 12:00 AM on the dot (just glanced at the clock), Friday morning, and I visited some weird music on YouTube a bit ago (The Bombpops, Marilyn Manson, and even Green Day (and I fxxxing hate Green Day, lol!)). The Bombpops are cheez-wiz Pop Punk, Manson I was obsessed with in the mid-1990s, not too interested anymore, and Green Day...bleh! A couple catchy songs from their first couple albums - those songs are OK, but they are as manufactured as Avril Lavigne, or Olivia Rodrigo (probably spelling that incorrectly), or even Joan Jett (which was hand-selected by a record label to be the "next punk star" back in the day). Can't stand inauthenticity.

Also, worth noting that a "scene" will never happen again in music. The last one was the 90's (late-80's, really) Grunge scene in Seattle, and the early-80's "Hair Metal" scene before that in LA, and a (short-lived, but iconic) Punk scene in Hermosa Beach, California in the mid-to-late-70s. Before that, IDK. Probably some shit started up in San Francisco, but I am not too familiar with the 60's music "scenes", just the music. There were other "sub-scenes" at one time or another here and there, as well - Death Metal in Pensacola, Florida in the late-80's/early-90's, Black Metal in Norway in the early-90's, Techno and Elctronic music in the mid-80's (and beyond) in NYC, as well as the origins of Hip Hop in the mid-80s (and beyond) in NYC (this is MUCH more relevant, and I would consider the origins of Rap/Hip Hop a scene, and not a "sub" scene, actually).

But, in the end, those "days" are for the most part over. No matter the genre, or sub-genre (be it Nerdcore, Shoegaze, Rockabilly, or Netpop (which I just made up the last one - pop stars that originate on the Internet ;)) - none will form a "scene" that manifests fame or even notoriety in any meaningful sense. You know, something that resonates with generations to come. A scene can (and sometimes does) form here and there and anywhere, and organically, as well - but, it doesn't reverberate much, unfortunately :(

But am I losing much sleep over this lack of organic artistry? Well, no - because I basically already had my kicks, and sticks, and angst-ridden tricks. So, my youth was fairly OK, and I don't see too much in my power that can make it (youth culture) "good" for those "roughing it" in today's world. Whatever gets put into the algorithm machines...that's what they get. No getting around it.

So, I suppose this ranty (and slightly bitchy) blog post is a follow-up to this blog post that criticized streaming monopolies and unshared experiences with music. But I won't write another (cynical, downtrodden, dystopian) shit post like this again anytime soon, because no one needs/wants to hear it. And most people observe, and are aware of what is going on in the world in terms of pop cultural misappropriations of talent and influence. And if people like that kind of thing (AKA, being told what to do, what to like, etc. (as I assume some people do)), then good for them. They will NOT be disappointed.

OK, back soon