Yes, lacking updates here on the Ghost bloggo

Also, lacking updates on this MBA (which is what this post is about)

I don't know how long this MBA can/will go without updates, but I guess I'll find out. I need Wifi (for one), and I also need to ensure that I will not brick this damn thing (for two), and also there aren't any new operating systems out this time of year from Apple, so, why bother?

Worth kinda noting - I've fallen in love with a Chromebook/tablet recently. It's everything I want in a device. But, I have this Air, so I will stick with it.

Also, I am fed up to my back teeth with this apartment (complex). It's why they call it "an apartment complex" - you get a damn mental complex from living in one. I feel so on-edge and unhappy here, I swear to god.

Anyway, I'll be moved out soon enough. More on those things later.

And, I wrote about sobriety on TMO earlier. Felt good.

I also wrote about "life logging", and that felt good as well

Sobriety is the more important thing. And avoiding toxic people, for sure.

But also moving. That's is a very high priority for me.

So, how is everyone doing tonight? It's Saturday, and the month is nearly over. Soon it will be May Day (whatever is so great about that?).

And, worth mentioning (sorta), it has been well over a week since I spoke (like, exchanged more than two words with) another human soul. I mentioned before how I am (IRL) friend-less, and now my family is persona non grata (the latter I am ok with, the former really sucks), so I may mosey along to greener pastures in May. Meaning physically move my ass to another state - people my age? LOTS of people my age? Random people that I can talk in-person to? Let's hope for all of the above!

I will divulge more about this later. I have a series of blog posts I am making a sort of (ongoing) writing project about, and those will be linked to within said post (I have them saved via Standard Notes at the moment). And yes, several are already written, some have yet to be written. And then I will probably just keep it up after that.

Ok, be back soon