Thankful that college was not forced upon me at a young age (or even implied in the household I grew up in). Thankful I am not $(X)XX,XXX in debt. Thankful that I only tooled and toyed with community college here and there, and took on no loans, (other than a $900 loan, which I paid back already – and regretted ever having taken out). Thankful I didn’t take the “the economy needs YOU” bait and cripple my future (and present) with shite employment with a thin hope/prayer/dream that *someday* I would “make it”, and be a Mr Bigshot. Thankful that *other* people’s vicarious delusions are not *my* tangible responsibility.nnJust thankful I wasn’t duped. nnInstead I just do whatever I want/like, don’t worry a whole hell of a lot about money or where the next X will come from, and when X opportunity will present itself. Glad I am not waiting for something to come my way (which is always *just* around the corner). When it is I, me, who always has, and always will be, accountable for what does/does not happen to me.nnWish more people were in this position of privilege, I guess. Sounds big-headed of me, but it is what it is.

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