FFS that reads like a Shay Carl vlog title from 2010. I *did* buy some football-sized mangoes just now, though. Usually they are half the size of a football (in Summer – Winter mangoes are avocado-sized ovals of fruit rot). I have never seen them *this* large before, either. I bought three – yellow/orange in color, and juuust soft enough to be eaten :)nnI also bought a Lo-Carb Monster Energy Drink, because I was so bummed and indifferent about what to get from Schnucks (bummed because nothing is selling on CL, and money is drying up quick, but indifferent about what to buy from Schnucks, because I didn’t “need” anything). As I was walking in the store, I thought “mangoes! That’ll cheer me up!”, and then as I was going towards the registers I saw the Monster on the soda rack and decided to throw caution (and health) into the wind and buy one, because the flavors are amazing, even though they make me feel jittery as fxxx and just “not good” in general.nnI also e-mailed a place yesterday about seeing what I can do about getting a proper/legit writing job. I need to either DO something with all this text hammering, and just…do that, and not just journal my life away on the Internet forever.nnI mean, the journaling will never stop, regardless – but, I would *like* to have a profession with this activity, and make money from it, and not be a deadbeat all the time.nnNot that I am a “deadbeat” in a definitive sense (from what I understand, it means someone (a guy) who abandons their kid(s) or whatnot). I never had kids, and I also never will. The stress and anxiety would kill me. I have always known that about myself – un-needed responsibility always rips my soul apart. So, I will never have a kid or kids. A foolish thing to do, for me.nnSo I will do whatever, instead. Writing, hopefully. Ideally with a paycheck attached to it ;)nnback soon

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