Just finished the rest of the chickenless white chicken chili I brought home. And while I had it, I watched a video on Mark Boyle, a man living off-the-grid in the countryside of Ireland, and he wrote a book called *The Way Home – A Life Without Technology*, and it is definitely something I want to read. So, I will put it on the to-read list, for sure.nnI, personally, have very little desire to live off-the-grid, or without technology these days. There’s too many things that involve, and even *require*, the Internet for me nowadays. I am fine with this because A) I dislike boredom B) without the busyness of *surviving* with an off-grid lifestyle, one tends to get very bored. Life is easy and comfortable for me, so I get fairly bored with things *being* so ridiculously easy. I don’t have to grow food or split wood or anything like that just to live. So, technology supplements that downtime, that boredom.nnNot saying (philosophically) that the way I live is good (or even neutral) for the world at-large (the laptop I am writing this on, for example, traveled the ocean (part by part) more times than I have traveled my own country during the time of it’s creation/assembly – nothing good, natural, or healthy about that process). Same goes for basically every piece of consumer technology, really.nnLiving in an off-the-grid way may seem like a simpler way of doing things (most certainly when it doesn’t involve *any* Internet, and no solar panels nor infrastructure, nor running water, or any of that stuff), but the time and energy it takes just *to* be in that position, is certainly not boring, lame, or dull in any way, I would imagine.nnBut anyway, I’m not going that direction in life. Not at the moment, anyway. nnBack later

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