I got a container of Folgers instant coffee tonight, as the moms had some on hand and didn’t need/want it. So I took it home and just made a double-scoop of Folgers Black Espresso. Good stuff (but I like Schnucks instant coffee better :))nnAlso, just got sick a moment ago from sheer consumption of mass quantities of food. Not because I *wanted* to get sick – not an eating disorder type of ordeal, but more of a heartburn demands low quantities of food in my stomach at any given time-type of ordeal. That, and I have been chomping nicotine gum all day, and haven’t had my usual food-to-tobacco ratio of eat > smoke > eat > smoke > repeat. So, when I walked in the door to my apartment, I sparked up a bowl of good VA/Per pipe tobacco and have been more or less puffing away ever since. Helps with digestion immensely, but this time it didn’t quite get me out of the woods :/nnAlso, took three Extra Strength Tylenol to ward off an oncoming sugar headache that has been brewing since sundown. *SO* much damn sugar today. Terrible.nnSo, now I sit back with the black coffee, and smoke, and write, and recover.nnBack later

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