I already had a folder on the Mac called ” ‍ ” that had web dev stuff in it, so I added a few notes to it from Standard Notes (that I first copy/pasted into their own little files on TextEdit), and then took the ” ‍ ” folder and renamed it “dev stuff” and put it on Google Drive and pCloud. nnReally, each (TextEdit) file is just a list of links to other (invaluable) resources that I have used over the past 14 months, as well as all the *specific* stuff I learned, such as:nn- working with .htaccessn- navigating a MySQL databasen- and even simple CLI commands that I hadn’t memorized yet when I was first starting to learn web development (which I titled “VPS commands”, haha. That works, too, I guess)nnSo, I have this ish backed up a bit now. A good thing.nnBack later

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