Seems that since I rid myself of the random bits and bobs of extraneous material(s) in my life the other day, that I not only have a clearer head, but that ALL things, in general, have come into a clearer focus. I am becoming more organized, more “cleaned up”, and prioritizing things a tad more. Also, not apprehensive about letting go of XYZ items if they are not serving a valued purpose. If I can’t find something to do with something, I will just rid myself of it – either through donation, or putting it on CL, or (if not of intrinsic value) just throwing it away. This is a good way to do things, I think.nnIt’s always good to “hone in” on what it is that brings value/usefulness to my life, my activities, and what makes me happy (or “sparks joy”, lol!).nngood dealnn#minimalism

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