re-engineering a flame maker, and an inbox filled with spam

I had mostly bananas for food today. Just a fruit kind of a day. And coffee, as well. And now a pop, which will be the only pop I have today. So who knows how this works in a digestive sense, but I don't feel sick, so I'm going with it.

I just went ahead and "crack-pipe-ified" my $0.99 lighter that I use to spark cigarettes and tobacco pipes with. These cheapo, translucent, flame makers can be modified to make the flame larger, if/when the flame starts to go lower and lower as the fuel runs down. There's likely a dozen co's that make these things, but this one I have here is by "American Match". I go ahead and remove the "flame guard", or the chunk of metal that separates the flame and the fuel-emitting unit from being exposed, for safety reasons, I am sure. And then I lift the "flame height adjuster" dial (yea, that's the official term for it ;)), and move it a notch over to the left, and then lower it to that notch, and then "dial it in" to maximum height, and put back the metal guard, and now I have a flame that is nearly double the height of what it was before.

My purposes for doing so is to have a sufficient flame to light a briar tobacco pipe, but from what I've seen (or described, by delinquents in high school from back in the day) it's what people will do to their American Match in order to do whatever shit they get into (such as crack smoking, I suppose (eek!)).

So, thank you, narcotic addicts, for devising a method of re-engineering a tool of addiction, that in turn makes my (nicotine) addiction easier.

In other, equally stupid news - I signed up for a newsletter from, as there was a quirky documentary about him on Vimeo, and how at one time he used to travel around by foot in NYC, and had a portable typewriter with him at all times, and would sit benchside, and write stories for a small donation. He was a meme (like, a legit "hipster" meme, and people thought this whole scenario to be preposterous), but the mini-doc was actually really nice, and heartfelt. So I took a liking to his method of story creation.

But anyway, I signed up for his newsletter, which promises "no spam!", and it's been mostly spam for a few weeks. Continually asking subscribers to "buy a story", and he will mail it out and all this. I don't want a story though. So I will unsubscribe.

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