From 1:30 to 6:30 I slept. That's enough for me, I think. I feel good, too. My "back admin" duties are still in full-swing, though. Got to be careful with it :/ But for Now, I am having a pipe, enjoying the pink-ish/orange-ish sunrise, and have I some running around to do in a little bit (go and pay rent, and get $$$ from the ATM to pay back the moms, etc.). It will get up to 60 today, but starting at 6:00 AM tomorrow, the temps will have dropped to below-freezing, and the "Winter Storm Warning" predicts 24 hours of snow and 11 inches of accumulation. Wow! So that will be the single, solitary snowfall (of significance) we get for this Winter, I'd imagine. Then I expect it to warm up and stay warm after that, just because this has been a dry/warm Winter, so I expect it to be a fairly short one, as well. Here's hoping for a dry Summer, too - because fxxx humidity!

I also have to do laundry tonight, probably around 5:30 PM, and get that taken care of before everything is freezing and snow-covered tomorrow morning. Crucial that I get that done, because I am down to the last bits of clean clothes to my name, haha.


  • I ordered a savvy aluminum phone stand that I can use with an external keyboard (or by itself), but the "goal" is to see if I like using a phone on it's own, and using the MX Keys keyboard for writing out long(er) bits of writing, and maybe keeping that setup in the kitchen, while the MacBook stays in the bedroom/study area. Believe it or not, I never had a phone stand in the 2+ years I was mobile-only, and I was always hunched over, looking straight down at the damn phone while I typed out fairly long-winded and ranty bullshit in that time. Maybe that is why I love laptops so much now, no more hunching over (which a phone stand fixes).
  • The Wyze floor lamp is arriving in the next week, and that will finally bring light into the bedroom that isn't shared light from the walk-in closet. It's a nice device (that is NOT $54, but is actually $73, due to shipping costs - THAT surprised me a bit!). And it is about damn time there was some semblance of (significant) light in this bedroom - been a fucking cave of darkness for over a year now :/
  • And, fun fun fun CBD gummies will arrive fairly soon, too. I don't expect any type of "mInD aLtErInG" experiences with the stuff, or for them to as much as give me a "buzz" -  just want it to enable a general "good feeling", like that of having a fruit meal would, or something like that. A "holistic happiness", so to speak. A healthy good mood.

I'm off to BP in a little bit for a couple random doo-dads. It is already 41 degrees, pleasant. The weather app claims it is cloudy, but there is not a single cloud in the orange/blue sky at the moment. Gonna be a nice day.