I took three Motrin around 3:00 AM after experiencing some terrible tooth pain, and it helped, and I slept (with the furnace shut OFF, so I wasn't woken up by heat (again, very much so a "cold sleeper")). And outside, I see we got some snow (enough to ice everything over, because it was freezing rain before that), but it is not currently snowing, though it will pick up again soon, because 24 hours and 11 inches are predicted all together.

Around noon I have a virtual therapy appointment, so that will be nice. No clue if/when those appointments will be in-person again, even though she has offered to come to my apartment should I ever want to have them in-person, which I said that virtual is more than OK. Surprisingly, virtual appointments are (for me) just as effective as in-person appointments, as long as it is not some lame phone call, haha. And on that note, my psychiatry appointments are going to be "facetime" calls, too (or, virtual/video calls). Before, it was all done over the phone, but now my psychiatrists office has switched over to mostly video calls for the appointments, which I am more than OK with.

So, the day starts up, and I think of things to write about as that will be the name of the game for me today, I think. Stay inside and write. I'll take it! :)

back soon