Being a bit “intsy” with the title, but I am vegetarian, so no sympathies for meat consumption. On August 1, 2022, it will be eight(8!) years since I became a vegetarian. It’s worked out. Nice diet. Feel good most of the time. Nice food, would eat again.nnBut today, one of the many [aforementioned]( Telegraph Road churches are having a fish fry. So, I have been seeing neighbors walk through the courtyard and parking lot with giant brown bags, rolled at the top, and grease seeping through the bottom. Off to their abode to consume their once-swimming prey.nnI’ve counted three people in this scenario so far, so I guess I am missing the Oakville boat on “what’s cool” to eat on this day.nnEither way, I had a breakfast of (sweet!) oranges, and am now having a Diet Dr Pepper, to punish my teeth relentlessly. The acidity from the citrus fruit + the…whatever the shit is in soda, the combination is like getting punched in the face while falling from a skyscraper. Removing whatever protective enamel is there *just* to flood it with carbonated sugar water. A stupid thing to do, really.nnThat’s my day as of nownnback soon

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