So I downloaded Atom Editor (again, as I “lost” it with the update to macOS Monterey), and I downloaded Github Desktop, and I started a new repo, and I created a Github Pages page, and that is as far as I got (in the 25+ minutes I tooled around with it).nnNow, I have to make ish actually WORK! LOL! I *was* able to jot down a generic “Hello World” file in Atom Editor (saved as `index.html`), but I cannot get that to “commit” or do anything other than show up on Github(.com), and show up in Github Desktop, and show up in Atom Editor – in terms of creating an **actual** /index.html page on the WWW, it seems to be a no-go, for now. It’s all a convoluted mess, to say the least, haha.nnMore on all this in a bitnn#devn

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