Have had this keyboard for several months now, been using it sporadically, and this is the first time I have had to charge it. I have but a single USB-C to USB-C cord in my home, and it is for the MacBook, so I unplugged the MBA from the wall, and plugged in the keyboard. Long-lasting battery, though, for sure on this keyboard. And a decent (but somewhat mushy) typing experience.

Anyway, the CBD gummies arrived via UPS. I had one earlier, and I guess it made me slightly more mellow(?) - it was fine, though. I don't think I am going to order them again unless I see some sort of significant mood-mellowing results, haha. Instead I wish Missouri would legalize recreational marijuana (which will be on the ballot in 2022 :)). And the tobacco order + t-shirts arrive tomorrow. Floorlamp on Monday. Nice.

I also confirmed that I can borrow a Dyson vacuum cleaner from someone, so I will do that (vacuum my entire apartment) next week (I think Tuesday), and that will definitely be a nice thing, because these floors desperately need it.

And, I migrated to the kitchen, where I will leave the laptop and everything else until the floorlamp arrives, because it is WAY too dark in the bedroom, and it is annoying to even be in there without significant light. But afterwards, it should be quite pleasant. But I am still perplexed that the single lightbulb that Wyze sells (a multi-colored "smartbulb") doesn't work with the single lamp that Wyze sells :/ Very odd.

on projects

I have the one that I am going to focus on right now, which is the gimmick/parody/joke "web app" (if you would even call it that) that I am going to do as a "#NoCode" thing on Carrd.co. In fact, I am going to do a couple #NoCode (hashtag required ;)) things on Carrd, because they seem to be easy to make (I know they are, actually) and they are actually "Low Code" projects, because they all involve at least some amount of code. And I will likely continue working on the parody site tonight, as I already started the other day when I thought of it.

back soon