9:50 PM, and the last coffee I had was a weak cup of cowboy/camp coffee at 2:30 AM this morning. I just made a cup of Schnucks blend Classic Roast instant (my favorite blend of instant), and it is chirping me up real quick :)nnSpeaking of chirp, this reminds me of some news (headlines) I’ve been skimming on DDG News search (I don’t actually *read* any news (usually), I just get a couple updates here and there about things occurring that I may want to be slightly more aware of). And that is, news of the Elon Musk Twitter buyout. He (Musk) apparently met with Twitter employees today, and he said a few key things that stood out to me:nn- Twitter should be more like TikTok and WeChat (wtf is WeChat?)n- he wants to see a significant increase in users on the platform (how? Who in the fxxx knows, and how could anyone just *make* that happen?)n- he said that “exceptional” employees (I am assuming he means the rock star, A+ personality types) will be able to have the option to continue working remotelynnAlso worth noting that Twitter staff had to cancel a planned company trip to DisneyLand (*fxxxing DisneyLand!*) in order to hear Musk make his ransom.nnSo, that’s THAT platform. Good riddance and may the captain go down with the ship (spoiler alert: the captain will NOT go down with the ship, he will bail out wholesale and leave someone else at the wheel while he sells off his stock *when* Twitter starts to sink).nn**other news stuff** (sorry)nnThe NYSE, it is tanking with reckless abandon, and the “pending recession” (actual term used consistently throughout news orgs) is “making Wall St nervous”. Yea, I’d imagine so.nn$3T was wiped from people’s retirements (401K’s) allegedly. And the S&P (or was it the DOW?) sank to some arbitrary (arbitrary to *me*, anyway) number that has not been that low since 1981.nnSo there’s some stuff worth shaking some sticks at.nnAnd, Bitcoin (and I imagine all other “shitcoins” of similar ilk) are tanking, too. Some dude named Saylor (whatever his first name is) lost like 1/3 of his fortune in 24 hours, and some country that adopted Bitcoin as a sort of “reserve currency” (El Salvador?) is losing it’s shit in the cryptocurrency sell-off, too.nnIt’s a shame. But not really. I just keep tabs on it all because…I do not know why? It gives me a sort of perspective of “where we’re at” in the world? I mean, if the West enters into some sort of recession/depression, I’d at least like to KNOW the status of such. nnThe coffee is good. People should invest in coffee. Make coffee our country’s reserve currency. And socialize over coffee. All three of the above issues solved with one bean ;)nnback later

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