So, I do not have a FoxFi Key for the PDAnet+ application any longer (it was deleted when I was cleaning out hella other stuff on the phone and Mac, and I thought I would not use PDAnet+ anymore), so, I would either have to spring for it once again ($8), or…you know…just do what I already have planned with the hotspot.nnNot to keep bringing up the hotspot, but it *is* going to make a big difference with everything I do in terms of dev, writing, etc., because right now, no matter what I want to do, I have to *manually* clock on to PDAnet+ to use the MBA. A pain, indeed. I just *want* WiFi in my apartment, haha. nnSo, anyway, the limit for PDAnet+ now is roughly 45 mins, or a set amount of (tethered) data transferred, whichever comes first, and that is OK. For now. Just as long as I have *some* use of the MacBook in between now and when the hotspot arrives.nnAlso (unrelated), the mail has not arrived, yet. Which surprises me because it is almost sundown (or the sun *is* setting currently, I should say). But, no matter how late the USPS runs, it always gets here eventually, even if that time is 8:30 PM (oh yea, it has arrived that late before – insane!).nnAnyway, other plans for the week:nn- do laundry on Wednesday (so everything is fresh and clean in time for Thanksgiving)n- order my meds to be delivered via USPSn- buy some more food for the apartment *after* Thanksgiving, well after Black Friday (when the store is not crowded as hell)n- dev stuff, writing, the usualnnBack later

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