Making coffee right now, and I haven't had any since the sun rose this morning. Been having primarily Pepsi and water. So, this will kick things off proper (and sort of explain why I was so groggy throughout the day). The water is heating for said coffee right now, and it is sort of an espresso type of drink. Or, 2.5 scoops - bold, yet not "overly" powerful.

So, let's go!

My neighbor's dog is a terrorist and a nuisance. Not five minutes can go by without it starting to bark profusely about anything (but not at anything, because it is just screaming (barking) in misery at this point). It's some German Shepard mix type of dog. Or was, now it is but a fur-covered prisoner of misery, because the neighbor barely takes it outside, and when it does go out, it barks at anything it comes across and has authentic fear in it's eyes when it walking (crouched) down the sidewalk. It'd be better if that dude gave the dog up for adoption so the animal can socialize and simply have a better life than be stuck in a 430 square foot apartment all day.

I used to think that my old apartment down the street from here was the noisiest place I ever lived (besides the siren-filled city), but, this building I am in now, is by far the loudest. The neighbor below with her TV, and howler monkey screams while she does battle with her cat, the other neighbor's dog that is scared of it's own shadow, it's annoying as fuck.

Better than Pevely, though. It was deafeningly quiet there. I could hear a pin drop from across the room. And the grounds (and crime on it) was fairly shady, as well. I mentioned how they (Pevely Pointe Apartments) made the "You Paid For It" news series on Fox 2 News some days back (due to overflowing garbage across the property), so, I have NO regrets about moving from that place.

Anyway, I am listening to The Queers (Punk band) for I think the first time ever. The album is "A Day Late and A Dollar Short" (1995). Not bad. Straightforward punk.

The coffee is good, too.

I don't know if it is still snowing, but if it is doing anything out there at all, it is very light. The snow in the courtyard has long since melted, as well as the dusting on the cars in the parking lot.

Nothing too mythical happening in my neck of the woods. Just a quick update.

back soon