first coffee of the day - that's better

Was feeling mentally and gastrointestinally (not a word?) catywompus this afternoon, and then I realized I didn't have coffee this morning. So I am having coffee now, setting things right.

Things are relatively ok in this neck of the net - journaling and reading journals, doing "smolweb" activities and being a general bloke of World Wide Whatever. I don't put any type of spotlight on my life, or my disposition of my presence online. I mean, I know I'm a good, friendly, law-abiding dude IRL - but, in regards to my Internet presence (or perhaps lack thereof), there's no other brush I could paint it with other than "individualistic". Not really "independent", because that's a delineation of this or that done in an "indie" way - such as "a big co, but with a small team and not taking VC money: INDIE!", or "a social network, but without advertisements or algorithms: INDIE!" or "a news publication, but without advertisements or data theft: INDIE!" - and none of that makes a difference to an (me) individual online.

So, "individualistic" is likely more accurate.

One time, back forever ago, Tom Fulp of (the founder and head of that...whatever Newgrounds is - a cartoon/game platform(?)) said on Twitter something to the effect of: "ever get caught up in your own clique and group, and sometimes wonder if there are other little niches of people online that are doing their own thing?"

Lol, he sort of answered his own question - that's ALL the Internet is! An enormous congregation of small "groups", "friends", "communities", and in recent years social media sort of tried to be the host for those groups. Or, expand the horizons of them, usually with catastrophic results in regards to the etiquette/integrity within them, and also just sort of bunching the entirety of the WWW into one, big collection of everyone.

But, I digress from anything regarding social media. It's a thing that's here (online) and likely will continue for some indefinite amount of years further. Though, I still 110% believe that facebook is the "new" Yahoo, and Twitter is the "new" AOL. Meaning they will likely falter in the same form/fashion as those two former digital monoliths did - as all four mentioned sort of live(d) by the business ethic of "fast money, short term gains, get big, build, expand, let "God" sort it out later". That's their perogative, but it's likely unsustainable.

Anyway, back to being "individualistic". That's the only moniker or descriptor I would use for myself. And again, I stay away from putting a direct "definition" or "term" for myself or my activities online - because it means exactly jack shit. There's no "wiki of TMO" or universal bio (or really any bio) that needs to be tailored or made sense of. The entirety of my online presence is probably akin to that of someone who possesses an e-mail account in the 1990s - just a solid, mono, up-and-down "space" online.

And even then, that's too specific.

Titles, man. Fuck em ;)

I will wrap it up, as I will wrap up this mug of coffee. And I will mention again that I am going to try to sway away from dropping the "f bomb" so much, if I can. It isn't going to make too much of a difference in regards to anything, but, I would like to not have my entries littered with expletives.


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