Didn't blog at all today. I don't know why. I had an OK day. I went to Great Clips and got a haircut (short "high n' tight", but left everything growing on top), and then I got sick from vegetarian ramen noodles, and realized that some side effect of the antibiotics is having a low appetite. So after feeling a bit better from having gotten sick, I ordered a cheese 'za from Dominos, had some, was tasty.

Now, I sit and smoke and write. And I think the antibiotics are doing their job, fighting off the infection. Not in as much pain, I do not think, and they are supposed to work fast in terms of days I need to take them (it can be as little as seven days, but I will continue to take them for the full ten).

The STLWX is stunning. 70+ degrees outside. Really nice. Not a cloud in the sky.

Anyway, I am sort of in the mindset of keeping life about (re)focusing on manageable "life pains", instead of extra, bad, unnecessary physical pains. I want to feel normal, that is all.

And I am getting there

Been dressed like some beach bum today - Vurori jogging short, v-neck tee, sandals - true "bummin' around" clothing. Feels good.

back soon