Decided to say "fxxx it" and make this cup of coffee into instant espresso, instead of regular instant :) May as well, as I don't see sleep coming on again for a good deal of time.

Sidenote: I think I am going to the 'rents on Thursday or Friday to do laundry and take care of  a couple things over there. There was still some work to be done when I left there last week. Not in terms of taking down decor (as that was an all-day thing, and got finished), but in terms of random bits and bobs she needed done around the house. The entire place seems to be an ongoing WIP, and it's nuts over there, haha.

minimalist talk

Me? I'm still fairly minimal, clean, organized, etc. My sister "D" is, too - keeping things to what is absolutely necessary for not just efficiency, but also mental clarity/sanity (well, I can speak to all of those things - I don't why she keeps her home so nice).

And as I wrote a few days back, I would still consider myself a minimalist, even though I don't sleep on the floor, or use a smartphone-only (instead of  a computer), etc. I have been like that before, and it was fairly difficult at times, and there was always a looming "empty" feeling throughout my life around those days (2016 until early-2018). I mean, I had to sell off most of what I had to make ends meet/pay debt in 2016/17, and I simply couldn't afford to buy new stuff, so there I sat, possessionless (almost). But I won't get there again, as I won't take on new debt. And it was a place I was kinda/sorta aiming for anyway (in terms of less stuff), but I didn't always assume it would go that low, haha.

Being "without things" truly is a liberating/cathartic experience, though - as I can attest to from the Daytona Beach days, where I had nothing but the clothes on my back. It was like living a weightless life of action/reaction all the time. Genuinely not a single care in the free world. It's sort of a place to start in terms of a new chapter in life, or, perhaps an excellent REstart. It definitely helped me.

Anyway, the espresso is quite nice.

back soon