I “woke up” (or just “started my day”, as I was already awake) at 6:00 AM, and I walked to Schnucks to get grub for the day. I did so, came home and ate, because I slammed three cups of bold coffee beforehand to offput the hunger I was feeling (I ran low (or basically ran *out*) of food last night). And after eating, I was so satisfied, and so slowed down from the jittery/wired morning, that I gave a shot at a nap, until the weed eaters and lawn mowers woke me up, as it is landscaping day at the apartment complex today. Then, I just *stayed* awake, and I went ahead and started my laundry, came back, made more coffee, and started this post :)nnAfter laundry, a shower and a shave. Then I will clean up the kitchen which I have been putting off (or, clean the floors – the rest is already done from earlier).nnI ran through my checklist on Standard Notes, added a couple of items, refined a couple of items, made sure nothing pertinent was overlooked. I took a screenshot of it, so I can share when I am ready. Good/smart stuff.nnPayment tonight, so I will do a quick Same-Day Delivery order from Amazon for a thing that I need. More on that (with pics!) soon, too.nnSounds vague, but soon it will be less vague :)nnOk, I will write more soon

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