(out-of-focus peacock drawing)

For quite some time, I have looked for juuust the right piece of flash for a peacock tattoo, and now, I have found it in the depths of DuckDuckGo image search :) This is a tad out-of-focus, but no matter because it will of course be redrawn when I get it done. I think this is from the Captain Coleman era (so, like, 1940's ish). And after I took a screenshot (on Mac) and then cropped it and sent it to my phone, I held the phone up to my left bicep, and this tat would be perfect filler for in-between the olive branch tattoo on my inner bicep, and the weirdo zombie head I have on my outer bicep. It fits just right in both length and width! :)

So, I may have to hold off on the Rucker 3.0 backpack in February (it can be bought at another point), because I am sure (like I have done before) that when I get paid, I will go straight to the Steel & Ink website and order a $200+ giftcard and then make my way to that shop just as soon as I can afterwards.

And like the truly blasphemous person I am, I will get this in black and grey, even though it is supposed to be a colorful peacock (even though this flash is not very colorful). I will do this number is B&G, though, because I am doing the entirety of my left sleeve in B&G, and I will stay consistent with that.

Also, the geisha that I want to get (and am getting, in time) is going to be held off on getting got, haha. It will cost at least $300, and it will be nearly the size of my koi fish tattoo (which cost me $450), and I will not have that kind of scratch sitting around anytime soon, so...yea.

The goal (which if I haven't shared here, yet, I will share now) is to get the entirety of my left arm sleeved by the time I turn 40 years old. I turned 38 a couple months ago. I have but a few spots left to get inked up on that arm, and they will get done soon.

So, this will be fun :)

back soon