B-list acting dynasties and their history, as told by Wikipedia (a brief read through of superfluous information)

Looking up random shit on Wikipedia a bit ago, and I do not know why. I saw my default $5 auto-donation go through on my debit card for Wikipedia, so I went there and just started for searching for stuff.

Medium caught my eye - as in, the word "medium", in reference to nothing, other than a estimation of measurement, so I thought of Medium.com for a moment, and then immediately had some sub-conscious explosion of faded memory of the show Medium from the late-2000s. It starred Patricia Arquette, who did a lot of things back in the day movie-wise, and now she is voicing characters (or did) with the Toy Story franchise, and then that lead me down a click-hole of the "Arquette acting dynasty" (as small and as humble as it may be) - David Arquette (Deputy Dewey in Scream, but I remember him from a LOT of stuff, but, that was apparently his most "known" role), Rosanna Arquette - known for tiny roles in BIG films (she was the "stud in your tongue" girl from Pulp Fiction, an owner of a "gator farm" in Joe Dirt, and the Key Lime Pie-serving waitress at the beginning of Natural Born Killers), Alexis Arquette, who was in a lot of small(ish) roles, but unfortunately died in 2016 of cardiac arrest.

And then Richmond. Richmond Arquette. No Wikipedia entry for him. He didn't follow in the family footsteps, I suppose.

So that killed some time.

Other little "acting dynasties" exist, too. The Baldwins (they were ALL set to be the next big bags of shit, and then only Alec became someone that people recognized). The Wayans Brothers (I think every single one of them had a role on In Living Color from the early-1990s, and they were all hysterical from what I remember - but, Marlon Wayans is the only one that kept a deathgrip on acting, and did a primetime show on NBC some years back, and there were some cringe-worthy commercials for that. I doubt it's still on TV).

Hell, a lot of little "duos" in acting, such as John and Joan Cusack. Joaquin and River Phoenix (RIP River). A friggin' litany of people who got "into" acting and are related, but the smol dynasties are few and far between, I'd imagine.

Thanks, Wikipedia - I'm now smarter than I was before ;)

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