I didn’t buy any fruit today (though I *should* buy some soon – been lacking there), but I have half a bag of Fuji apples in the fridge, and chowed down on one of them, and immediately got a burst of energy. And I am having coffee now, too, so I am plenty energized.nnFruit is the best thing to eat. Hands down. I would eat fruit exclusively if it were not for cravings for cooked/hearty meals every so often.nnI need to buy more fruit, so I am going to do this Wednesday, I think. Good call :)nnGot nothing on the agenda for tonight. Just coffee and writing. The same old, same old. And that’s fine.nnI tell ya, I will probably never be a forgetful person. I write a lot of the same stuff time and time again, keep my brain sharp as a tack, and just always feel on-point with what I am doing/thinking/saying/etc. Not that Dementia runs in the family or anything like that (Thank Dog), but, it is just worth noting that I will likely be a fairly intelligent person until my death.nnI sort of chalk up being sharp/quick/clever to a conscious effort I am making *myself* to BE that way, too. I remember from a very young age (when *I* was young), my late-Father was always on “the wrong side of the fence” when it came to health and self-care. He ate TONS of bad food, never exercised in the 35 years I knew him on this Earth, and never did any mentally strenuous activities – not even reading a book, ever (though he claimed to have once read *The Green Berets* when he was in high school, but proudly proclaimed to have never read a book before or since). I also knew him to be at least partially dyslexic, and was a Luddite in every sense of the word. I am not faulting him for any of these things, mind you – he didn’t want to exercise/eat right, and he died young (at 66). He didn’t want to read, or absorb *any* format of learning materials, so he was fairly uneducated. He didn’t like the frustrations that came along with technology (computers/phones) so he missed out on a lot of relevant stuff.nnSo, I knew at a young age to take the examples he was setting and do my best to do (essentially) the opposite of what he was doing. I may not read boatloads of books, but I read blog posts every day (not to mention pages upon pages of documentation for web dev material on days I do that). I write a lot, score high of reading/writing proficiency tests (or at least I scored in the high 90’s (out of 100) on the Reading and Writing portions of an aptitude test I took in 2016), I eat vegetarian, exercises whenever I can (basically every other day – cardio once a week, when not injured), have numerous interests, etc.nnSo, I kinda consider myself *intelligent* but not an *intellectual* (as that is probably more trouble than it is worth, haha).nnAnyhow, learn from the mistakes of others. It won’t steer ya wrong.nnBack later

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