I was apprehensive, almost scared even, to have coffee since messing up my leg earlier yesterday morning. Because I am pretty sure it was dehydration-caused, but, I am going to have instant coffee now, because I drank plenty of water today, and am still drinking water, and think I will be OK (also, I am not walking anywhere at the moment).n nAnyway, tonight will be a good eve. Or, a good morning, however one chooses to look at it. nnAnd I hope, I hope, tomorrow I will be able to walk to BP and get smokes and soda and whatnot. As far as the haircut, I will do that Wednesday, as well as the small shopping trip, and I will have a ride for those things.nnHowever, before I go anywhere, I need to make sure that I can walk around in my apartment *smoothly* and *fluently* with no “bad” issues, otherwise I will not go to BP (I am thinking I may be alright, though).nnNow, onto coffeen

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