[As I wrote yesterday](, I made a Spring walk to Dierbergs yesterday to fetch a few overpriced items, to kinda/sorta “see me through”, and those items worked out, but man oh man, I NEEDED some diversity in my diet! LOL! And I DO have a fairly diverse diet, but a **habitual** one, so I am not “shocking” my system and causing too drastic of changes in my digestive process. But what I’ve been “living off of” for four or five days, that wasn’t diverse *at all* – just a lot of “survival rations”, haha. nnAnyhow, it could’ve been worse, glad it wasn’t worse.nnSo this morning I made another (lovely) Spring walk to Schnucks, got some items I need, incl iced coffee, and had breakfast and am now having iced coffee :)nnAnd it *is* a lovely day, for sure. The sun will come out later, and the high is 77, so all is good.nnJust a fast update. Back soon.nn[**EDIT**: I previously wrote “the sun will come out around later…”, and I had a laugh at that. I’m an idiot sometimes. ]

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