Had a shower, realized I need shampoo, but had just a bit left, so it wasn't a critical emergency. Some must be bought soon, though. And after two days (I thought it was one day, I was wrong) of not getting in a shower, due to either busyness or laziness (the latter more likely), it feels good to be clean :)

So, now I made triple-scoop Taster's Choice coffee, and the furnace is running for the last time today, because the temps outside are reaching 40+ degrees, and will continue to rise throughout the day.

The sun is shining, and will also continue to shine throughout the day. I feel good. A hike might happen later on, but that is to be decided. Food must be bought this morning (around 9:00 AM), so I will sip coffee until that time arrives, and then head over there.

Now, I finish the triple-scoop espresso, and move right along with my morning

back soon