Just made some vegan sausage patties, and am now heating water for coffee. The desk has departed Ontario, Canada, and will be here…on/around the 15th, I guess. No big rush for that (unlike the tobacco which is taking a *very* long time).nnThe stomach meds are kicking in, which is a relief, because I am in pain without them (acid reflux).nnAnd I decided to *not* do the Ghost software install today. I can probably figure it out, but what’s the point of banging my head against the wall for no reason? Haha.nnMy work is cut for me in terms of things that can be done with the **Thanx** Project, but I am dragging my feet on that, too (because I am lazy, I suppose). The motivation comes and goes in terms of doing web dev, but it always DOES get done, just not always every day/every week.nnDamn good coffee, too. Single-scoop is the way to go.nnBack later

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