figuring out stuff I felt like figuring out

Just a moment ago, I saw this Toot from Mastodon, from an acct I follow through 1Feed, as there are several Masto accts I subscribe to through RSS on there:

...and the acct/Toot shown is linked here for anyone interested :)

But, I saw this, and I thought: "I think I know what these things are!" Lol! And it was sort of an outer-aware, or surreal sort of ordeal, like: "here is a lot of stuff that would have looked like garbled text 2 years ago - now it is perfectly legible!" (referring to the CLI elements, not the common prose that surrounds it).

But I needed to know some things; I did a DDG search for "what is /etc/ on a server?", I assumed it was a directory, as it always appears before a file, such as when I need to edit the /etc/hosts or /etc/hostname  files when I am editing the FQDN when configuring a domain. So, the DDG result rendered this source, as one of many (as the first three links were relatively obscure, and didn't just SAY (or CONFIRM) that /etc/ was/is a directory - as the first three links were being koy, and overexplaining what the possible epistemology of the actual English term "etcetera" derived from, or gave me a written history lesson of UNIX/LINUX and "the grand history of use cases for /etc/"). So, the fourth link (which is what is linked there) just came flat out and said "ETC is a folder which contain all your system configuration files in it". Ok, thank you :) And, folder or/and directory can be used interchangeably (sp?)? Meaning, I can call a folder a directory, and vice versa? Another thing to figure out.

And also in this Toot, he refers to the /etc/passwd file, which was described as such, here (same source as the link above): there's some clarity there, as I hadn't dealth with the /etc/passwd file before.

And also, the mention of ls -l, which I knew had something to do with displaying files. A couple clicks through DDG later, and a clearer explaination pops up, here:

...of which upon finding this on a Webpage online, I realized that my brain 100% blanked, and that I could have referred to my "Command Line Cheat Sheet 2.0" I compiled not long ago, and found my answer:

A screenshot of the CLI Cheat Sheet, from my "dev" folder on Desktop

And the reference to "UID" is Unique Identifier, or as I just call it "Unique ID", which is something I dealt with when I was doing something with close to a year ago, so, I don't really fool with that anymore.

So there's some shit I felt like knowing in clearer...clarity, so I looked it up, but the point is, that it was not complete jargon to begin with. I knew that stuff and I (again, in a surreal manner) thought it was "cool" that I knew it.

Two years ago, I didn't understand what a CLI was, or how a filesystem operated, or anything else.


back later

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