I’ve been wanting/needing an external SSD since before external SSD’s were anywhere *near* affordable. In college (2011 semester) my friend, “T” had an external SSD with TONS of music, schoolwork, and miscellany on it, and I thought it was the coolest/handiest thing to have. I’ve only had crappy little flash drives (that crash out over time) in my life, but now I just ordered a Samsung T7 1TB external SSD (with a rugged case to store it). Hooray!nnSo, that knocks three things off my big To-Do list in under two days:nn- get COVID-19 boostern- order Revolut Cardn- order 1TB external SSDnnNow, I just need/want to get a U.S. Passport made (because it is always a good thing to have), and put $100(+) on my Linode account (so I don’t have to put $$ on there monthly).nn**the “Life List”**nnOr, a List For Life (lol). I am going to be grabbing hella stuff from Google Photos, pCloud Drive, and other various places I have online, and saving my writing, photos, and other random things to the SSD. I just need to have local storage covered, because I already use cloud storage for nearly everything (Google Drive + pCloud Drive). It’s a redundancy, it’s a good thing, looking forward!nn:)

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