I couldn’t wait to get a soda in my system. Not until 6:00 AM, anyway (which is when I will do my laundry). So, I went over to the laundromat at 3:45 and fetched a pop, instead.nnLast night I took Tylenol for a toothache, and that was a *terrible* mistake, because nowadays Tylenol just makes whatever aches and pains I am having *that much* worse! I must have some sort of “reaction” to it, or something. I barely touch the stuff, usually, but perhaps I am allergic to it now? nnThe tooth pain is subsiding (finally, six+ hours later). Not that soda is *good* for a toothache, but it is better than Tylenol as far as I can tell :/nnI will get laundry done around sunrise, instead of 6:00 AM, I decided. I need *some* sunlight on my shoulders today, and the sun will not be up until 7:00. Then, I will walk to Schnucks and get a few things.nnFascinating stuff, I know.nn

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