Here’s a thing I did just now…nnI rejoined [Feedbin](https://feedbin.com), and abandoned [1Feed](https://1feed.app) once and for all. Both are RSS readers, and I only need one, of course. I didn’t pay for Premium Feedbin, yet, but I will (for the second time in the past year). I heard about Feedbin from [Paul Stamatiou](https://paulstamatiou.com/), and he is a type of dude who uses “the best of the best” of everything (some people are like that, and I’m not judging, just saying, *he’s* one of them). When I heard of Feedbin, I checked it out, and liked it, and it is primarily Web browser focused, and it works perfectly fine, so there we have it :)nnHere’s the gist of what it looks like:nn![](https://i.snap.as/OvDPKvoU.png)nnAnd here are the blogs I quickly added to it:nn![](https://i.snap.as/KjvBmksU.png)nn…well, I added the Mastodon feed for Michael Perry, because he’s a cool guy (and former W.a user!), because his bloggo is on Obsidian now, and I don’t know how an RSS feed reader would work with that (or how GOOD/accurate it would work, I should say), so I follow his Masto account, instead, with nice shots like this:nn![](https://i.snap.as/CPv5OTrY.png)nn…and other blogs can/will be added (I need to rummage through my blogroll and see what I should add. If I can get a blog’s feed from R.w.a, I will just stick with that (redundancy isn’t necessary in this case), but *outer* (non W.a) blogs get the RSS treatment).nnAnyway, back later

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