…to my back teeth with these network settings, tethering apps, and everything else. Let’s face it, even if I get the WiFi to work **consistently** on the MacBook, any Homebrew, local dev enviro, FTP shit, is as good as crippled because…because Apple made this device that way. nnAs far as I am concerned, this is $850 that went up in flames, because I only had the privilege to use this hap-hazard device for a single year before it deuced the fxxx out.nnIt’s the *last* computer I ever buy though. Not because I don’t like computers, and not because I can not technically “afford” to burn several hundred on them every year or so, but because I *ONLY* break the gd things. They just…CAN’T work when I am the one using them. nnSo I’m calling it now: I am stopping my web dev activities – like, indefinitely. Half of the websites I visit won’t work, and it IS a macOS problem (NOT a PDAnet+ problem, I already diagnosed that), and I have nowhere else to go in terms of a.c.t.u.a.l. machines that do NOT break when I use them for simple tasks. I’m just too hardcore of a poweruser for modern computers of 2021 to handle, I suppose (total and complete sarcasm).nnMaybe if I doled out a ransom to Apple for Apple Care Pro + for several hundred a year (the price I would usually pay for a whole new damn computer), I could get some Genius Bar issued bandaids every few months until I (inevitably) broke something again, again, again.nnGod, I am **so** furious with myself for having bought that fxxxing machine! I’m such an asshole! Terrible mistake!nnWon’t happen again. Ever.

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