So, some neat stuff comes from [Musing Studio](https://musing.studio/) (the co/org/what have you that makes Write.as), and nearly all of it is useful. nn**Write.as** hosts my blog. A Pro account. I write there daily. Every day. Seven days a week.nn**Snap.as** hosts my pictures (nearly all of them). I can share them easily on Write.as. And they are an extra cloud backup for photos if I want to access them quickly (I just visit [Snap.as/tmo](https://snap.as/tmo), and there they are!).nn**Remark.as** is useful, too. Blog comments. And (maybe) chat meetups! Cool!nnBut then there is less-useful features. Such as on Remark.as, on the Homepage, there is a way to follow blogs. Just a list of blogs. Like a blogroll. Not a public blogroll, and no feed is associated with this element. Just a list of links.nnAnd then, Submit.as – I’m not sure how useful that is. People can submit posts to a public blog. Like, having multiple authors, or people can submit articles for…IDK. I don’t see a real purpose with it.nnI’ve also used [CSS.horse](https://css.horse/) to design my old **Thanx | Lab** blog back in the day. If someone uses Write.as, that is *very* useful.nnBut, I’m just commenting on stuff. I don’t care if less-useful things come about, as long as the useful ones stick around.nnback soon

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