**On missing out**nnSometimes, on a rare, “blue moon” occassion, I will feel as if I am missing out on something. I mean I left social media in late-2019, and I have had Twitter and Instagram accounts for a day at a time (each) at different points within those 2+ years (usually after I start an account, the brain starts to shape/mold itself back into those addictive habits, and then that is all I see/feel, so the account will get closed within a day). But, 99% of the time during the 2+ year period I have been completely away from socials. And I feel 100% good/confident about this.nnBut every now and then (through force of mental habit, unhealed psychological scars, etc.) I feel as though I am **missing out** on something. Not “missing out” like I am off doing things over HERE and things are happening over THERE – no, I feel as though no matter *where* I am at, I will be missing out on all of the fun. It’s not the **fear of missing out**, it’s the **reality of missing out**.nnSome people are naturally gravitational (people gravitate towards them), some people have a form of “pseudo celebrity”, a *draw* or *pull* that makes people want to be around/with/like them – and I can unequivocally say that I am NOT one of these people. So, social media (where popularity is king (and holy shit, is popularity ever king on social networks)), I don’t blend well. And also, I don’t do well by kissing other people’s rings, licking their boots, being their “fan” or “follower”, either. I can only make due with stuff that **I** like, and other people can do/like whatever the hell it is that THEY like, too. We’re all equal. No one “out ranks” anyone.nnSo, this isn’t a case of direct “idol worship”, jealousy or envy – it’s just that in those weaker “ROMO” moments, I feel as though I would benefit (or take a type of joy in) the notoriety or infamy that some people partake in. nnBut then I come to my senses, realize that life is good NOW, and I don’t *actually* give a shit about fame, celebrity, status, etc. – I just want to be who I am and whatever comes along with it (“it” being life).nnAgain, the “FOMO” or “ROMO” moments are nothing more than moments of weakness and vanity, and overcoming them is the name of the game – NOT giving in.nnBack later.

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