Didn’t start the day with coffee today. I wanted to get my happy ass to Walgreens before church let out (there are numerous churches along Telegraph Road, and it is Sunday, so when they let out, it’s non-stop traffic), and retrieve the Western Union from that Walgreens location.nnI did so, no issues there. Then I went to Schnucks, got fruit, and veggie sausages, and sodie pop. Not bad.nnI *will* make coffee here shortly, though.nn(*starts heating water for coffee*)nnLaundry will happen tomorrow. At 6:00 AM, I think. Usual Monday routine. All is good.nnI think I can get back to hiking again soon. My feet seem *mostly* healed, and the dead skin has dropped off from where the blisters were, and the skin beneath is starting to callous up. I missed hiking, indeed.nnAlso, it is Father’s Day, so Happy Father’s Day to all the poppies out there 🙂 Every year I write a letter to my late-Father and just store it away in the closet on Father’s Day, and also on Xmas. A good thing to do, I think. nnback soon

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