fast update with "rt.d"

I jumped into the VPS for a moment ago and quickly added a Homepage link to the bottom of each entry (entries 0001 through 0005). It was/is the simple a href plain Jane HTML thing that every starter MySpace "designer" figured out back in the early-2000's when they wanted their site to look "sweet" and "edge", lmao!

I think I first messed with HTML in the late 90's, but I cannot remember, to be honest. I didn't even have a Geocities site - just a normal ass AOL e-mail account and the chatrooms I would join or/and create for my AIM friends. And of course a account like the rest of the fiends and trolls in my age range in those days, haha.

It was 2002 that I started the "o'leary's corner" blog/site thing, which is what is sort of a replica of. I went into all that before, so I won't delve into WHY I made rt.d.

Anyway, I wanted to have a link back to the homepage in every individual page on rt.d before there were 10+ entries and adding said link would be a pain in the ass. Now I will just add it in each time going forward.



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