"Will I regret making all these blog posts at some point in my future?"

I mean, I don't foresee regretting any of the content, itself (as it is merely a journal). But perhaps the frequency and time/energy/effort spent behind the keyboard - that I might regret someday. Not saying that "regret" is a likelihood, in fact it is very UNlikely that I will look back and say "I wish I had written less" - but...yea, whatever. It doesn't matter.

All I know is, I am here to do what I do. Meaning here, on Earth, to do what I do. I can't "do" anything for anyone else, and likewise cannot listen to what others think I should do, or could do - I am just me. That's all.

And this small (sometimes repetitive) mental fallacy of: "I could be doing this right now", is bullshit. I am doing exactly as I wish at any given moment, and intend to do nothing different unless I am in the process of doing that activity. No point in saddling on "regret" to any type of boredom.

That's all