fast Ghost update

Did the usual stuff in the CLI just now, updated the Ghost software. Minor upgrade, but I went ahead and upgraded, anyway.

No hiccups this time.

the Ghost CLI has some vulnerabilities, though. Either that or npm, itself. Made it seem like npm had vulnerabilities (not 100% sure what npm even IS, I just know I use/need it sometimes).

6 vulnerabilities - 5 moderate, 1 critical

I am not jumping down a rabbit hole of troubleshooting stuff by auditing npm, though. I will fool with it later, and wish for the best. Haha. saw an update the other day, but that meant going into the files on the VPS and just re-ordering the blog posts, themselves. The server didn't need updates/upgrades, because it is simply Linux and Apache - no MySQL or PHP, as those are not needed for that site.

Back later

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