So, I inhaled the fries, lol! Quite nice, and crispy, indeed. And now it is time for coffee.

stuff about home internet

One thing I will enjoy when I get AT&T home internet service back, is being able to finally use my Chromecast (w/ Google TV (AKA a remote control)). Right now, it will not recognize my PDAnet+ connection (idk why), and it needs a dedicated broadband connection of some sort, but that shouldn't be a problem when I get the AT&T "Internet 100" package (which tops out at 75 mbps). Should be good to go from then on out. The really cool thing will be (eventually) getting a RPi as the little standalone server, though. As this has been a thing I always wanted to do, only I always ended up utilizing the Pi's I have had in the past as dedicated (all day/everyday) desktop replacements, and that burns those little fxxxers out quick! So, the MBA will be my daily driver, and the Pi will act as a sort of ASIC (Application Specific Integrated Circuit (though not quite that fancy)) and have basically one purpose and one purpose only: to serve up a lightweight blog (which will end up being my "main" blog, I am sure).

stuff about CBD

OK, so I had a mango/watermelon CBD gummie just now (10mg) and poured my instant coffee, so let's see where this take us. CBD is a very mild form of mellowing-out, I would say. Similar to chammomille (sp?) tea - nothing terribly special about it. But these taste nice and they offer some calming effects, I suppose, so I am OK with them. Won't pay money to get another fill of them (as I can patiently wait for Missouri to legalize recreational marijuana before that). And it was never my intent to "get high" off of CBD - just to have some sort of organic(-ish) supplement to hold me over to possibly assist, or boost, the effects of the mood stabilizer I take, and have been taking for 6+ years now, which I need to transition off of as soon as possible, because it barely works anymore.

stuff about pharmaceuticals/supplements

Generally, I dislike pills (and supplements), as I prefer to go the "natural" route with a good fruit-based diet (mostly), and plenty of water, plenty of black coffee, and fairly little else (though I did buy soda today - a thing I never do when fruit is in season, usually). I take a single mood stabilizer, a Vitamin D supplement (because I am low in Vitamin D sometimes, due to being vegetarian for 7.5 years now), and also a medication that prevents acid reflux (not necessarily an "anti-acid", as this is a prescription strength thing that is a bit more specific for my needs). And that is all. Well, and CBD once a day until this 30-count bottle is gone, I guess, lol!

The things that help the most (in terms of both mood and digestion (and perhaps general health, as well)) would be the black coffee (keeps my brain in-line) and (oddly) good tobacco (keeps my mood in-check, and things "moving along" digestion-wise (which is very odd)), and of course regular exercise and writing. Exercise (hiking) I do maybe once a week, if I can, weather permitting, and that is the best thing I can be doing. Writing - daily. Several times a day. Sometimes all day, everyday.

stuff about writing

And on that, that is perhaps why I sometimes write in such a "meta" way about writing - it's a thing I do a lot of. There are a lot of stuff one can "use" to write more (how one text editor differs from the next, I will never know - blank is blank), but the best thing one can do (or have) is time. Time to really write out the "best" type of stuff one can write in that moment. It's been years (literally over a decade) since I said "I wish I had written that differently" or "I should've have changed this or that about that document" (and if I did think that, I would just go straight in and edit it right away). But being the best version of themselves in the text, that is all that matters, I think. And whether or not an "article" or "post" or "book" or whatever "does well" in the Big Open World, is entirely dependent upon what people want at that time - not that anything is or isn't someone's (the author's) "best" work that they are capable of at that time. But finding the time to hone a writing skill, that can be very difficult. To be obsessive (or even compulsive) about the craft, is something I sort of "defaulted" to when I started out (there wasn't too much else to do for me at that point in my life), and I sort of stuck with it - but also I chose writing because I always (my whole life) wanted to BE a writer, and to be defined by it. It's all I do!

on personality

And, on the subject of writing and it being "all I do", it is perhaps why I am such a solo-ist. Such a lone type of character. I prefer people and events in real life, but don't derive a lot interest  in what people passively say/want on the WWW (unless it is deliberate, direct communication with me (or of mine to someone else) - because I do like to correspond, just not in a big echo chamber type of setting). But, when it comes to writing, it's a solo act of self-discipline, really. No one can write anything for me, and I don't have anyone telling me to write anything. And this is why I do it for me, in many ways.

Hell, I used to write on/for the Internet instead of going the "book route" because with the Internet, there was immediate and instant gratification of "X amount of hours went by and X amount of people read this", or, "X amount of "hits" came into the blog, and that turned into X amount of ad dollars", etc. But now I don't concern myself with either traffic (no stats here) nor ad dollars (because I run no advertisements), so it (the writing) almost has to be for myself at this point. Unless I tried books. Which isn't very likely.

enough rambling. back later