I just sat here and tried to figure out what I was doing on my MacBook Air that was causing the fan to kick on so powerfully. It was loud, and obnoxious, and I didn't want the thing to overheat. It was just Firefox, two tabs, no other apps open. So, I couldn't exactly figure out what was going on. Then, I looked across the room. At the floor fan. Which is spinning on Medium setting. And making a racket. So that solved that problem and my IQ dropped by five points.

The MacBook Air is fine. In fact, I have only had the fan kick on with it on two occassions, and both were for watching video fullscreen. It can't handle that (oddly). 10th Gen Intel i3, 8GB RAM, 256 SSD - but a fucking fullscreen video? No dice. I also tried to install Twitch software one time (to livestream writing), and that caused "beachballing" (where the colored circle appears on the screen, letting me know the machine is "processing" things). Not too surprised on that - Twitch is hard ass software, and it is more for gaming PC's.

But yea, the MBA is holding up nice. Glad I bought it. The M1's are nice, too (a LOT of people have them that I see online - fine devices). The new M1 Pro Max (or whatever) in the MacBook Pro lineup are some serious (and seriously nice looking) machines. In fact, I may buy one in several years when this MBA (inevitably) bites the dust. If I can afford one (which I doubt that would actually happen, and refurb is out of the question (SO many issues with refurb devices).

It's gotta have a fan, though. That isn't sitting on the floor across the room.

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