That is, expressing doubts that the tobacco order will be delivered today (even though it says “December 11 by 9:00 PM” on Informed Delivery). Unless of course they make a special delivery that is *outside* of the regular mail run.nnBut, who knows? I will have to wait and see.nnIt’s 10:30 AM now, and I am having more coffee, feeling good.nnI am still pretty sure I will buy some sort of audio gear on Jan. 1, because I *really* wanted the Schiit Magni headphone amplifier on Nov. 1, and it sucked that they did not accept my debit card. There are other components from other companies that I like, but I would still *like* to order something from Schiit at some point. Granted, the new debit card that is arriving in the mail will probably NOT be “flagged” as pre-paid, but I do not know that, so, if I cannot pay with my own debit card, I may be able to get someone to order it for me, and I simply pay them cash on the spot.nnBut, *if* I go that route, and go through the trouble of doing all that, I will go ahead and opt for a slightly better (and slightly pricier) Schiit Vali 2 headphone *tube* amplifier, as I wanted that more to begin with, and the only reason I opted for the $100 Magni was because it’s what I had to spare in November. The Vali 2 is only $150, and I could even (possibly) order the Schiit Modi DAC along with it. Some people describe that combo (the Vali 2 and Modi) as a “magical combination”. But, **I** have not heard it, but it would damn well be an upgrade from whatever amplification or/and DAC that are built into the MacBook.nnOooh, and there is the sun! Glad it came out today. Cheering me up already! :)nnback later

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