Was going over the budget with a fine-tooth comb a bit ago, things look good, but money will be tighter than what I expected. Inflation, the hidden tax, is a shame. Makes life more difficult for everyone. But, that’s what we have to pay for the privilege of…nothing, it doesn’t “go back” to the citizens in any way. A tax on money for the sake of having money. Insane.nnAnyway, Xmas gifts are going to be significantly more expensive this year, and I *have* to order them now if I want to see them *by* Xmas, because deliveries (as in, ALL deliveries) are delayed with the supply chain crisis, and people who hold off until December to order gifts are actually ordering Valentine’s gifts, in reality, because that is the time that they will arrive.nnSo now, coffee.nnI am still in a good mood, though, because it is the holiday season, and because it is an *actual* holiday, and because of whatever letdowns there may be in terms of (self) indulgence (AKA spending money on myself, which I do year ’round, anyway), I can take solace in the fact that: bills will get paid, I don’t *owe* anyone or any entity any money, Xmas gifts will be bought, things will be good – no complaints. So, no point in being a scrum bum scrooge about things when it *could* be worse, and in fact I have HAD it worse. Thankfully this is not one of those times (which I hope to never encounter again).nnback later

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