expectations vs reality (in regards to writing, work, and written work)

Let's put forward a hypothetical scenario:

I, you, anyone writes 50K words in a week (or 75K+ in regards to the frequency that I write things)

And this person does this every week. And then every month. And then every year. For half a decade. Few breaks and rarely more than 24 hours of "stepping away" from it (writing).

Does this person:

A) expect something from any/all of this?

B) continue on as forgo trying to address an existential scenario, such as this?

C) slow down?

D) speed up?

E) give up?

F) carry on like none of it matters?

The correct answers in my reality are B and F, because IF something is missing, if I am "getting it wrong", or can't figure out what I could be doing different, then B and F ARE the only options to accept.

Writing. Work. Results. It's flutter from where I am sitting.

Thank you to those who read, and perhaps derive a form of benefit from the updates.

I'll keep going. Which is good.

stay well

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