Wow. Wowie wow-wee and wow. There are a LOT of people going back and forth, figuring out this and that, trying to make sense of the world, time, space, present, past, and future in the online writing corners I tend to populate.nnThe [“no more notes”](https://write.as/tmo/no-more-notes-jots-reminders-calendars-or-other-bs) thing I wrote spurred a few bits of convo on Remark.as, and also triggered a couple e-mails to come my way, and it has been an ongoing, ever-changing, continually manipulated cycle of *this* wOrKs, and this other thing dOeS nOt WoRk(!) when it comes to journalers (not journalISTS), and diarists, and bloggers, and just writers, in general. nnI don’t see what system or series of apps working together can spur one to just **be happy** with writing, and THEIR writing, and what the hell it is they are writing ABOUT and what they (eventually?) want to get FROM writing – just just do it!nnI landed on Write.as, for example, because it was the latest writing (blogging) app I happened across in 2017/18 when I was “on the hunt” for a service that worked (or worked “good enough” – W.a was primitive as fxxx back in the day) at that time. Tumblr is broken, and will stay broken, and nothing will fix it, and I could care less.nnSo, it doesn’t matter (to me it doesn’t, anyway). I just find a spot and stay for a while (until I have tangible evidence (or no other choice) NOT to). I tried about four different blogging platforms, long term, but that is stretched over 15 years! So, I do what I like, it’s chillin’. nnI might find a different/better note app besides Standard Notes for grocery lists and appointment reminders and whatnot, but I’m not losing sleep on anything else :)nn

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