There was one for today, and I believe it, but I am not sure I would call 94 degrees (the warmest it got here, at least when *I* checked the #stlwx) an “excessive” heat warning. It gets to 102 in Missouri, sometimes. The AC DID freeze up on me today, though. I had it set to 72, and it got to 74 in here, which means there was some ice/freezing on the contraption, itself.nnEither way, I am in for the night. Having coffee. Not in a “good” mood, but not miserable, either.nnI didn’t replace Standard Notes, yet, but I will. I [100% agree with this post here](https://write.as/tmo/no-more-notes-jots-reminders-calendars-or-other-bs), and have no intentions of doing notes/jots/reminders any longer. It will be more “will of the wisp”, in a sense, but I don’t care. I am not managing a notes app. nnI used the word “replace”, but I mean delete. And NOT replace it.nnHere’s to [Micro Matt](https://micro.baer.works/) working on Jot.as at some point in the future (I think it is back-burnered for now, though?).nn**Let’s document this Standard Notes deletion process, shall we?**nnBEFORE:nn![](https://i.snap.as/M6S2srE6.png)n(all the stuff I had cluttered into files/folders)nnAFTER:nn![](https://i.snap.as/F1L5hCEU.png)n(the simple one-note-only system (labeled “dev / general”) for notes that are not meant to be kept for longer than 24 hours)nn…I double, triple, quadruple confirmed that I had everything backed up to a TextEdit file, and those stored away in the Documents folder on the MBA *AND* backed up on the 1TB external SSD. So this isn’t me throwing the baby out with the bath water or anything like that.nnFeels a bit better now. Life is easy.nnback soon

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